Atari is back with a new game console?

In recent news, Atari has created buzz around its new device/console AtariBox. Although, Atari isn’t giving us much on the details, we do know there will be 2 editions of the box, as stated on Atari’s Instagram. (see image below) The teaser video is so vague, yet promising and leaving all to the imagination of exactly what it is. The marketing is similar to the Playstation debut with the slogan, “You are not ready”.

Here’s what we are hoping the Ataribox is;

    1. We are hoping this is the dream comeback console that hardcore old school gamers have been waiting for.
    2. We are hoping Atari’s new box has incredible graphics and intriguing features that rival Xbox and Playstation.
    3. We are hoping it is not a new release of old games from our past childhood.
    4. We would rather see all the old games from the past updated for 2017.

I’m sure Atari wouldn’t spend millions on what could go down in history as one of the best comebacks in game console history to release something old.