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Issue N3

samantha d'giff

Copy Discontinued

Cover Photographed by Joey Wright
Miami, Florida

Web site: Samanthad.me

Samantha is a rather unique model. The professional model, writer and actress is a newbie that is aiming high in her acting career. We spotted her work with Photographer Joey Wright alongside her hilarious humor and sexy curves, we knew that Samantha would be a great match for 708.

“I consider myself a genius and comedian. However, others can't recognize that because I am just so damn “sexy”. Nevertheless, they become quite confused and laugh.”

Robert Bray
Alea Lytle

Photographers in this issue
Isaac White, Amanda Gift, Scott Brinegar, Clifton Prescod, Davide Ambroggio, Frederic Frognier, K-pture, Joey Wright, Raul Singson, Beans Fotos (Brian A. Bowers), Marcus Hyde, Ungku Muhammad Ibrahim, Rhonda Oatman, Morgan Harris

Makeup Artist
Bioanca Robinson, Victoria Rebagliati, Janice Quijano, Ashley Sea, Karla Diana

Hair Styling
Sully Layo, Randy Garcia, Ashley Sea

Love Claudette, Agent Provocateur, Donatella Fabio, Nathan Balico

Azusa Higa, Natalia Barulich, Dariany Santana, Daniele Moraes, Jessie Horinecki, Samantha D’Giff, Sharlene Duran, Crystal McCallum, Vivian Kindle


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