Why did Ronda Rousey lose to Amanda Nunes?

UFC 207 will definitely go down in history as the most anticipated returns of 2016. Like plenty of fans we were left speechless after the brutal defeat to Amanda Nunes and we think we know why. Although Ronda was in the best physical shape of her career, Ronda doesn’t compete well with challengers that seem to have a boxing approach in the ring. Also, the second generation female UFC fighters are on a another level of fighting. The countless times Ronda refused to duck, dodge and block the old one, two punch against Holly Holmes and Amanda made it obvious. Ronda is a grappler who needs to get close to her opponents to win. Ronda’s reach in comparison can be slightly shorter thus being a disadvantage when trying to rush in for the grab. So, we’re left with one question, “Is this the end of Ronda’s career run?” We think not. If Ronda learns how to duck and dodge and power strike her opponents she could very well have another good run.

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