1 on 1 with Alice Lee

Alice Lee

Alice Lee by Stephan B. Austin for 708 Magazine

Alice Lee
Age: 33
Measurements: 34-25-36
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity. Chinese
Instagram: @BrainyBeautyFit

708: Tell us more about yourself.
Alice: I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to USA when I was 8. I have always lived in New York and have lived in various parts of this beautiful state, from Queens to Long Island and now Manhattan. I work as a full time attorney and I love what I do. I love advocating for clients and fighting for their rights and do my small part to help bring justice to all. I feel fulfilled when I help others.

Alice: I have been modeling for 16 years, always modeled  while I was in school.  I  am currently with Wilhelmina NY. I love modeling because it lets me be creative and have lots of fun. I also compete as a professional bikini model with the WBFF organization. I train hard at the gym and eat a healthy diet to make sure the food fuels my workouts. I use to be terrified of using weights to train but since I discovered it, I love it! I love to encourage more women to lift weights and use heavy resistance to train, the benefits are endless!

708: Describe your hometown? Places to go, your favorite hangout spots, restaurants, etc.
Alice: New York, New York! The best city on earth of course! haha.  The Concrete Jungle ! Us New Yorkers are really friendly, don’t listen to the rumors. If you are ever lost in my city, I will stop and give you directions, I promise.

Alice: For best Asian food, I love Flushing New York. So much variety there, you cant go wrong! Food is so tasty, authentic and cheap. I love going to Flushing for their Hot Pot during the winter months…Mister Hot Pot on 39th Ave is great!
My favorite pizza is Rubirosa in NYC…hands down!
My favorite steakhouse is Peter Lugers in Brooklyn.
My favorite soup dumplings is Joe’s Shanghai on 56th Street

Alice Lee

Alice Lee by Stephan B. Austin for 708 Magazine

708: What was it like growing up?
Alice: I am first generation American so I grew up in a strict household where succeeding academically was everything. My parents gave up so much to immigrate here for my brother and I.  I witnessed their struggles first hand and I learned about sacrifice and commitment through them. I am so proud to be an American, I am who I am because of this great country and my parents.  I am a first generation American, living the American Dream.

708: How did you you get started in modeling? Were you discovered or wanted to be model since you were a little girl?
Alice: I won a spokes model contest for a Japanese cosmetic company, POLA Cosmetics, when I was 16.  My mother saw an ad POLA placed in a local bakery one day and she told me I should try it. She took a Polaroid photo of me and mailed it in.  I ended up winning the contest. I shot their commercials for a year and was signed with FORD Models in NY a year later.  When I signed with FORD back then, there were very few Asian models. I am happy to see more diversity in the industry today.

708: What other modeling projects have you done?
Alice: So many!  Just to name a few..Avon, Shiseido, Vanity Fair, Best Buy, W Hotels, Lenscrafters.

708: Do you ever find yourself over critiquing yourself & your work?
Alice: Yes…I don’t really like looking at myself in print or on film..haha!  I have eased up over the years.

708: Who are your favorite fashion designers?
Alice: Eeks…I have so many! Here are some off the top of my head. Dolce and Gabbana for Cocktail Attire, Elie Saab for Evening, Louis Vuitton for sexy and every day use, Jimmy Choo heels for all-around shoes, Hermes for investment, Zara for everyday clothing, Lululemon for the gym

708: What makes you feel sexy?
Alice: When I spritz on my favorite scent… a little Bond No.9

Alice Lee

Alice Lee by Stephan B. Austin for 708 Magazine

708: What part of your body do you love the most?
Alice: My legs!

708: What turns you on?
Alice: My husband’s laughter

708: Lights on or lights off?
Alice: ON!

708: Thongs or boy shorts?
Alice: Thongs

708: Do you like it when guys are chivalrous?
Alice: Yes, a gentleman is always preferred, and appreciated!

708: How does a guy win points with you?
Alice: Being genuine and confident but not arrogant.

708: Second date. Kiss, smash or pass?
Alice: kiss

708: Secret Confession?
Alice: I LOVE Elvis!! I love listening to his music! I  know the King is not dead!





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