708 Elevate: Marilyn Melo is Breaking Barriers

Everyone knows the modeling industry favors the tall, 5’9 to 6’3 models and it is rare to see a model that is shorter than the industry standard to walk the runway. In recent years, models have been slowly breaking down these known barriers. Kate Moss was one of the first models to be 5’7, walk the runway and be successful. Fast forward to today, new models have seen some of the same barriers but are determined to break them down despite of being told no. Marilyn Melo, entrepreneur, 5’4, curvy, unsigned model has accomplished something significant.

During Miami Swim Week Marilyn was the shortest, curviest model to walk the runway for Lounge Swim, a swimwear company that merges the comfort of lounge wear and the sexiness of swim wear. When Marilyn walked the runway, she opened the door for shorter models to accomplish their dreams despite of what people say you cannot do. Marilyn is simply stunning despite her height. She just has that thing that makes you gravitate to her and denying such talent due to some made up rule within the industry, you’d be losing out on something special. Check out her tweets below and be sure to follow her on IG and donate to her .org is you want to help youth education.

“So proud of myself this was something I always dreamed of doing” – Marilyn Melo

Instagram: @marilyn_melo
Instagram: @themelorodriguezfoundation
Instagram: @loungeswim

Marilyn Melo


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