Are you ready for Camila Cabello’s debut album?

Camila’s self titled album is set to debut January 12th and we can’t wait to hear it! When Camila went solo her hit singles began to pulled us in. The vibrant beats and extraordinary music video cinematography have placed Camila at the top of our 2018 list of music artist to watch. With the 60th Grammy Awards show lurking around the corner on January 28th, Camila’s timing to debut her album couldn’t be more precise. We may see a possible performance that could help promote her album. If this album is anything like her 2017 single releases, we think a Camila concert tour would be beneficial for her fans and a great way to advance the album. Our staff favorites include, Havana, Crying in the Club, and OMG. The vibrance of, Crying in the Club’s choreography and art direction are pleasing to the eye. Havana, has a fun, playful, loving vibe. You simply want to add this song to your favorites and keep it on replay. OMG has that in car vibe that you can ride to on a hot Summer day. If Camila’s album is anything like her singles, this could be a clear indication of a Grammy winning album.

Album: 1. 12. 18
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