Black Panther in theaters Feb 16th

Marvel fans have been looking for an answer ever since DC released Wonder Woman in theaters in 2017. Fans were getting tired of seeing the normal small range of superheroes as movie studios were playing out the same old superheroes; Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. The movie industry needed a wakeup call and it came in the form of diversity. For the first time, a female superhero was the lead roll on the big screen. The film was a huge hit as woman¬†rushed to the theatre to see the unprecedented film! As Wonder Women’s momentum continues to grow, Marvel appears to be following suit as they diversify its superhero lineup. Hoping to break barriers much like DC’s Wonder women for the first time, a black male will play the lead role as a superhero on the big screen. For a movie of this magnitude, I thought this would be a great Summer blockbuster, but instead the timing is early with minimal competition in the theaters. A smart move for Marvel as we estimate great returns for Black Panther. Check out the movie trailer above. Black Panther will be in theaters February 16th.


Black Panther – Marvel Studios