Exclusive: 708 T-Shirt Promotion


708 Magazine is interested in you! We are currently offering a paid promotion where we select a few elite models that can wear our 708 tee. The promo is simple. We will send you an iconic black logo white/gray 708 t-shirt and will need 5 beautiful, sexy & classy high resolution professional images of you wearing our 708 tee on the beach and or creatively indoors. Photos must be in high resolution, shot with a professional camera. Please note, we may publish your work in our upcoming print issues.

Paid Compensation Packages for models only: $600
5 High resolution professional images
1 Social media posting with you wearing the 708 tee
We will donate an additional 10% to our favorite charity, Georgie Badiel Foundation
Limited offer

Paid Compensation Packages for Photographers: $75 per image
If Photographer collaborates with the model the rate is $75 per image used.
5 High resolution professional images

How to wear the 708 tee:

  • Long wavy hair (flipped to the left and over the front shoulder) Beach curls 
  • Diverse models, natural hair texture
  • Black thong bottoms or whatever will compliment the look

Please provide the following;
– Full Name
– Who do we write the check to? Cash.me & PayPal are ok.
– Mailing address (Where do we send our 708 tee?)
When promotion has been completed, please send your content to team708@708magazine.com via WeTransfer, Dropbox, email attachment, etc for review. *We have the right to refuse content if there is no real effort producing a great shot.



*Updated October 2, 2019