Female WWE superstars are set to make history at 2016 Hell in a Cell!

Since the brand split of WWE’s RAW and Smackdown Live, RAW has been the clear winner in this race. With Stephanie McMahon’s and Mick Foley’s guidance, the women’s division is considered more serious than the Smackdown Live brand. This Sunday, at WWE’s Hell in a Cell event, WWE RAW women’s champion Sasha Banks will defend her title against Charlotte Flair. The event will truly create history as the two female superstars will be the first to be featured in a HIAC match for the women’s division and raising the bar for women’s wrestling. This is definitely a step forward and one that the WWE Universe has been waiting for. We’ve often said this idea would be awesome if the female superstars were allowed to perform in better matches like TLC, HIAC, etc. This Sunday, everything changes and those thoughts of better female matches will become a reality, thanks to Stephanie, Mick, Sasha and Charlotte. Watch HIAC, Sunday 7p. only on the WWE Network!