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We went all out and did a one time purchase for the entire FightCamp package. We purchased the FightCamp Tribe package which includes, Punch Trackers, Quick Wraps, Free-Standing Bag, Heavy Workout Mat, Premium Boxing Gloves, Additional Premium Boxing Gloves, Additional Quick Wraps and kids Boxing Gloves. This package is the highest among the 2 packages that are offered. FightCamp isn’t some cheap app that will promise to give you an intense workout. For $1,349 you can receive the same package we purchased above or you can finance the equipment from a range between $56.21 per month for 24 months, $74.94 per month for 18 months and $112.42 per month for 12 months. . Keep in mind the FightCamp Membership is separate and you’ll need a $39 per month subscription to access unlimited training sessions and FightCamp exclusive on-demand workouts.

We were really excited when we unpackaged everything. The clean white punching bag is like a piece of furniture and can blend with any room. Note, if you purchase the Free-Standing Bag, you will need at-least 220lbs of sand or water to fill the bottom base. This will maintain your bag’s stability while punching during your workouts. We decided to purchase sand to fill our base as this would be a better option than risking water damage if anything were ever to happen to the base. High quality sand can run you roughly $40 per 50lb bag. If you want to do the math, you’ll need, 5 bags to fill the base.

Shanie Smash – Fight Camp

We tested the Fight Camp app and the first workout we gravitated to was Shanie Smash! Her cardio and workouts are no bueno! We tried Shanie’s Power Coast Workout for starters. You begin with a warmup, then you smash and crush hard for 4, 8 or 10 rounds of physical fitness depending upon the workout you choose. We loved it so much we did the workout for a second round! If you don’t know who Shanie Smash is, she’s a kickass mom, Master Trainer & Pro MMA fighter. You can follow her on Instagram @ShanieSMASH

We love the app, however there is no freestyle mode, where you can simply track your punches with the trackers, without the use of a workout routine. For all the money you pay, there should be at-least an option for you to use the equipment without having a subscription.

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FightCamp IOS APP
FightCamp IOS APP
FightCamp IOS APP