How to create your style

Editor Picks

Editor Picks

Style is… whatever you make it. People like to define what is right and what is wrong to determine if their style choice is correct. In reality, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, just wear what looks good on you and own your style! There is no standard of what is right and wrong when creating your style.

You can make the rules, but know how to follow and break the fashion rules. Example, don’t be afraid to take risks. Its ok to shy away from the traditional.

In this picture, low top urban sneakers with any slim fit suit can work for any occasion. I paired a dark blue slim fit suit with yellow low top urban sneakers and a blue & white stripe button down. You can switch out the button down for a long silk or viscose tee shirt. Depends on the weather, event & occasion.

Remember to add your accessories! They can make or break an outfit. Be sure to pair bracelets, rings, designer watches, & bags to upgrade your look from normal to different.

Suit: HM
Shirt: HM
Backpack: Mr Porter
Sneakers: Marc Jacobs

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