Hublot x Carlos Cruz-Diez

The team at 708 Magazine truly loves the HUBLOT brand. The staff genuinely loves the authenticity, craftsmanship, elegance and style by the watch maker. For years, the Hublot brand continues to amaze us with their watch pieces in a market where smart watches appear to dominate but are a fad that lack style, quality, art & longevity. The major difference with HUBLOT, they give you a true timepiece with style, art, rare materials and a level of time & care that is unprecedented. When paired with your favorite Givenchy blazer and other accessories the unique watch face and materials takes precedence over your entire ensemble.

“Anything created from passion will last forever”

Carlos Cruz-Diez, signing artwork in his workshop, Paris, France 2018

This year, HUBLOT does it again by introducing the Carlos Cruz-Diez collection, which would become the last project from the late Franco-Venezuelan Artist. Cruz-Diez features an array of colours in constant motion, changing in potentially infinite combinations.Beyond the purely visual effect, the horological colour composition changes and evolves with the passing of the hours, minutes and seconds, mirroring other works by the late artist – a well-known figure in the world of kinetic art. Parallel discs rotate in sequence in a masterstroke of technical ingenuity from Hublot. The timepiece was launched on 5th December at the Espace Expression gallery in Miami, in the presence of the artist’s family.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Titanium 45mm

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO HUBLOT



CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe of HUBLOT had this to say, “We are very excited to present this project. It is the culmination of developments made since our first collaboration with Carlos Cruz-Diez in 2015, and a tribute to his work. Kinetic art is a disruptive art form that places the spectator’s perception at the centre of the piece in order to question the purpose and status of a work of art. Together, we have created a working piece of art that can be worn on the wrist.”

Hublot – Cruz-Diez Event

Hublot – Cruz-Diez Event

Carlitos Cruz, Ricardo Guadalupe

Ricardo Guadalupe, Mariana Cruz, Carlitos-Cruz