Jasmine Chanae

German, Irish, African American, model residing in Dallas, Texas.

Beautiful with a distinctive personality. Jasmine has been featured in 3 consecutive Issues of 708 Magazine. Teaser Issue, Issue N1 Premier Issue and Issue N3. Jasmine has become a fan favorite and is the only model to land three consecutive spreads in succession. Jasmine’s natural beauty is stunning, yet ravishing! Her wild & adventurous character, keeps us wanting more!

708 fans flooded our inbox asking to see more of Jasmine. So, to answer our fan requests, this year Jasmine is the first model of 2015 to be added to our epic lineup of 708 Models & can be seen wearing the iconic black logo tee.

Be on the look out for more of Jasmine in the future!

Photographers: Rhonda Oatman & Morgan Harris
Makeup Artist: Jen Hodous

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