Nike Air VaporMax

The crazy idea of placing air bags inside of shoes came from an inventor named Frank Rudy in 1977. Since then, Nike has transformed the industry and established Nike as a leading innovation company.

The wait is over and June is finally upon us. After waiting an entire month of anticipation the next level of comfort has arrived, making runners excited around the globe. VaporMax boasts an ultra light air cushioning system that provides an unbelievably light, bouncy, and flexible feel. new technology

We were amazed by the overall look of the shoe. The color choices.

Personally, I owned several pairs of Nike Air Max throughout the years. Today, I own a pair of Nike Air Max 2017 and thought these were the best running shoes until I thought of the idea of having complete bubble support to add extra comfort and support. 2 years later Nike read my mind and introduced the Nike Air VaporMax. I can’t wait to receive my pair in the mail. I’m pretty sure I’ll have no regrets for the added support, lightweight design and flexible feel.