Sasha Banks return is best for business

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Sasha Banks has returned to the WWE and her impact has pumped life back into the women’s division. Her new attitude and heel Sasha is best for business. We all loved heel Sasha in NXT and felt the WWE was watering down her character. During the attitude era, we witnessed Superstars that elevated each other such as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. What the women’s division needs is more female wrestlers that elevate each other and loose good. It’s very easy to see some of the women on the roster that loose bad. You always know when some of the wrestlers are going to loose because of their low energy and light impacting moves. During a recent match with Roman Reigns and Buddy Murphy, Roman elevated Buddy and Buddy lost good. Leaving fans amazed by Buddy’s wrestling talent. We need to see more of this high energy if we want to elevate the Superstars on the main roster.

In return, we need to see Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks elevate the women’s division with their no holds barred move set. We need to see more tables, chairs, blood to engage fans and with this the women’s division will be elevated. We think it’s time to have one women’s title and an intercontinental women’s title. Much like the old days of the WWE. Where if you were next in line for the Championship, you needed to hold the IC title first to be elevated to the next level. We need this level or you’ll only have wrestlers wrestling for titles with no meaning. We’re interested in seeing where the WWE takes this Sasha Banks heel character. Who knows, she may even win the Royal Rumble this year. We said it first.