StillCool Resistance Parachute Review

When we saw Fitness Trainer, Brittany Watts’ @wattselite running in a resistance parachute, we had to try it! We took the StillCool Resistance Parachute on a little test drive to see how it would hold up while running. In the box, you will receive a fully functional unit that includes a parachute and belt with a velcro closure, that easily folds down to fit in the carrying bag that is included. We found that the 56″ diameter of the parachute can provide 25-35 lbs of resistance and is pretty durable while running but can be easily torn, snagged or ripped if caught onto something. More than likely, you will not have that problem when using the parachute on a track, grass or walkway that is clear of any debris. The custom velcro strap that is attached to the parachute can be fully adjustable to your waist line. Overall, after testing this resistance parachute, we found that this will definitely give you a great work out, increase your speed, balance and power during take off. If you are a hardcore workout fan, we recommend this as a great buy.