Versace Man – Eau Fraîche may be the fragrance for you

versaceVersace Man fragrances continues to bring new scents to the male arena. The team at 708 are fans of the Versace Eros and Oud Noir fragrances. Recently we were given a sample of Eau Fraîche and it smells amazing. The Eau Fraîche has a combination of Rose wood, white lemon, carambola, tarragon, musk, amber and sycamore wood that makes the perfect blend for a night out on the town in your suit and tie. Are you looking for a way to gain a women’s attention? Dress well, smell good and she’ll remember you for a long time. Don’t over do it with your fragrance, you don’t want to be remembered as the guy that puts on the entire bottle.

Versace Man
Eau Fraîche
Oud Noir