World Wrestling Entertainment or Womens Wrestling Entertainment?

The WWE has been really good at evolving their product with the times. Who could forget the Montreal screwjob and the spiral effect Vince McMahon had accomplished with Bret Hart and Shawn Michales. Throughout the years there have been Superstars that were simply more over than others. The list includes Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, Randy Orton, Rick Flair, Shawn Michales, Brock Lesner, Goldberg, etc. Today, the women are taking the spotlight away from the male wrestlers. No more bra and panties matches, fans want the real deal. We want to see true female talent displayed through storyline and wrestling. Over the last 8 years, the female roster has done a great job at breaking down barriers within the sport, but Becky Lynch is the most over female wrester to date. We jokingly call her, Stone Cold Becky Lynch because she just that damn good! Becky is great on the mic and she isn’t afraid to bleed blood, pick up a chair and wack someone with it or throw a woman through a table! True wrestling fans remember Stone Cold passing out in a pool of his own blood then later during an interview, be a badass about it. Becky is similar to this after taking a punch to the face that caused her to bleed dramatically and still be a total badass about it. The female roster is evolving and is on the rise, with interesting storylines, drama, and talent. We think it’s time for women to main event WrestleMania and who ever it is, we’ve got our money on, “The Man” Becky Lynch.