WWE crowns a new Women’s Champion, and she goes by, “The Bo$$” Sasha Banks!

During the first show of the new WWE RAW brand with Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley, the new RAW brand made history by having a Women’s championship match, between the former champion, Charlotte and “The Bo$$” Sasha Banks. This match was long overdue and fans could not wait for this moment! The anticipation was high! Fans have been waiting for this match for months! Once Sasha put Charlotte into the Banks Statement,(finisher move) it was over. Once the bell rang to signal the ending of the match, the arena filled with YES and You DESERVE it, chants! Sasha Banks continues to be undefeated within in her WWE run. Yes, Sasha has loss a few matches on NXT, however during her WWE run, Sasha has loss in tag team and fatal 3 way matches, all without being pinned.

Congratulations to @SashaBanksWWE for winning the @wwe Women’s Championship! The women’s division will rise!
Images: WWE